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Poster-a-day Project

Experimental Typography, Print, and Video Design

This project was a semester-long process of daily iteration in the form of 18x24” posters. The focus was not only on daily iteration, but on rapid iteration, with a time limit of 20 minutes a day to create each piece; the purpose of this project was to focus on the act of exploring different methods of making using experimental ideas, typography, as well as combining both digital and analog modes of creating. The topic of these posters are quotes from various graphic designers, and I limited myself to a strict color palette of colors inspired by risograph printing, which allowed me to layer colors to get a more complex range of hues.

To wrap up the project, I created a timelapse video of myself putting up all 103 posters in order, overlapping them to create a full-wall mural. This video is a great way for me to view my progress on this project throughout the entire semester.

Below the video are a small selection of the posters I created, primarily my favorites.

One of these posters (Day 54) was 1 of 50 selected posters out of over 10,000 entries to participate in the Peru Design Biennial.

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